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well… stuff, rants, and other things

Eye of Sauron Kinect

Posted on by Carlo

I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings movies, so I just had to post this.  It’s a kinect project simulating Sauron looking through a Palantir; if you remember … Continue reading

I Drew the ‘iPad’ in 2004!

Posted on by Carlo

So comes the new iPad 2, and suddenly I remembered I drew it sans the apple logo! Apple should give me royalties! And since Marvel is now under Disney, in … Continue reading

Let There Be— Tree

Posted on by Carlo

SpeedTree Software Here’s an awesome way to model trees in 3D.  It’s the closest thing you’d get to having god-like powers (well in the virtual universe, that is). —  I … Continue reading

Singapore and STGCC

Posted on by Carlo

A short video of our trip to Singapore, covering the first night, having our first dinner with the great David Lloyd, and going into the 2010 Singapore Toys, Games and … Continue reading

Body Reshaping SFX

Posted on by Carlo

Remember when we were amazed at how powerful Photoshop is and we can morph  people into different physiques?  And how shocked some of us were upon discovering how much photo … Continue reading

Elektra Natchios!

Posted on by Carlo

And here now is Jay Tablante‘s final image from the shoot, so may we request viewers to move your keyboards away from under your mouths. And before you just stop … Continue reading

Elektra Photoshoot

Posted on by Carlo

I was lucky enough to attend another of Jay Tablante‘s cosplay shoot, which this time featured fan favorite assasin Elektra Natchios.  And the model who donned the costume, ultimately making … Continue reading

Planet Hulk by Bowen Designs

Posted on by Carlo

So here we have it, my digital sculpt in the real world. and I am quite happy about it.  It’s just the proto paint so actual production is still a … Continue reading

Avatar Battle Helicopter in LEGO

Posted on by Carlo

Toy geeks salivate… This looks so cool and the only thing missing is the actual ability to fly.  The engineering in this build makes it a feasible start for a … Continue reading

Women in Comics

Posted on by Carlo

Nope it’s not about female characters appearing in the funny books, rather those who work on books. During the last couple of Cons we’ve attended and on the radio interview, … Continue reading

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