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Well… comics!

The Sandman (photomanip)

Posted on by Carlo

Dreamcasting is such an appropriate term for this one.  Not much photo manipulation  for the character though. I wanted to change his clothing but that would take too much time, … Continue reading

I Drew the ‘iPad’ in 2004!

Posted on by Carlo

So comes the new iPad 2, and suddenly I remembered I drew it sans the apple logo! Apple should give me royalties! And since Marvel is now under Disney, in … Continue reading

Les Femmes Fatales

Posted on by Carlo

Jay Tablante had a successful opening of his cosplay photo exhibit; Les Femmes Fatales, a week ago.  The exhibit features a sample of his most recent photographs of pop culture … Continue reading

Silver Surfer

Posted on by Carlo

SO the book is coming in this week, and we’re all hoping you’ll grab it (in exchange for cash of course) and the story is set after the events of … Continue reading

A Study of Death

Posted on by Carlo

Isn’t it fun that everytime you use the names of one or more of the Endless you end up with seemingly profound sentences? Did this to freshen my mind while … Continue reading

A Look Back

Posted on by Carlo

Haven’t been posting artwork for a long time, so I thought I ‘d do that by focusing on my favorite pages of past works So let me start off with … Continue reading

Weapon X23

Posted on by Carlo

Immediately after getting back from Singapore the Space Academy set to work on the second version of x23; the mature version. And Max-c Cubacub and I dropped in to watch. … Continue reading

Singapore and STGCC

Posted on by Carlo

A short video of our trip to Singapore, covering the first night, having our first dinner with the great David Lloyd, and going into the 2010 Singapore Toys, Games and … Continue reading

The Fun Filled Weekend

Posted on by Carlo

It was fortunate that the cover job was spaced just right for me to go ahead with the gangs 3 month long plan, Cebu Comic Con.  And i had finished … Continue reading

Supergirl Drawing

Posted on by Carlo

Deviating a while from the Marvel Universe, I give you Supergirl.  I guess it’s safe to say I’m finally getting the hang of coloring with markers.  If only  I could … Continue reading

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