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Monthly Archives: June 2006

Superman Returns

Posted on by Carlo

… in IMAX3D Yes, I with the GHG brigade had the opportunity of watching the first hollywood movie to be shown in 3D… well partly in 3D. It feels like … Continue reading

ToyCon Pictures Day 1

Posted on by Carlo

As promised I have uploaded the pictures as taken mostly by Harvey Tolibao and M. Jason Paz. The small batch with the dates are mine… I wanted to bring my … Continue reading

Colors I never Knew Existed…

Posted on by Carlo

Nope I’m not color blind nor ever was.  I just bought a new LCD Monitor and every drawing and painting I have worked on before now looks like crap.  My … Continue reading

ToyCon 2006

Posted on by Carlo

In between the scheds I decided to spend 2 days on the recently concluded Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2006 at Megamall. Even with a much larger space compared … Continue reading

Comics in Education

Posted on by Carlo

I started reading comics at the age of 7, through Disney comic books and a Black vs White Spy… well that was a silent comic but even without word balloons … Continue reading

Back to Hulk

Posted on by Carlo

So I’m back to a slow start on the third arc of Planet Hulk. I had to devote a week’s time to prepare a couple of paperworks, including reapplication for … Continue reading

Functional Illiteracy

Posted on by Carlo

As reported in a local news program, about 9 million Filipinos are functionally illiterate; meaning they can read but cannot comprehend. A majority of these are the youngsters not more … Continue reading

Sony Ericsson’s 3G

Posted on by Carlo

Moore’s law dictates that computing power doubles every 18 months. That couldn’t be more apparent with all the cellphones that has been coming out lately. We’ve come a long way … Continue reading

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