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Test Introduction

Yes the maiden post at last. I gave in to a blog format since it is a lot easier to update; I won’t have put too much effort in relayouting and cleaning up things for every update. Plain HTML is just cluttered. Not to mention that my old FTP folder was a pain to look at… and as some of you may have noticed the links were chaotic. So PHP and CSS cleans up everything and changing themes will just be a breeze if and when i decide to change the site again.

I forgot, Welcome to the re laid-out site… I decided not to abandon the old layout, just a few changes here and there with consideration for the wordpress page. The theme I’m using is a poor modification of the chaotic soul theme by Bryan Veloso.

The gallery however has been overhauled and I am now using simpleviewer. I can just upload an image, and the scripts will build the gallery for you. Yay! No more pop-ups as some have been annoyed with that. I have also left out the captions and descriptions for the images or the images would be too small. Although each has a link to it’s raw jpg, if you choose a larger version.

Much of the images from the old gallery won’t be in this new version, although some will find their way back. As much as I want to show all the artworks I have, I must at times remove some images, or replace the images overall in the gallery. So that as much as possible there is something new to look at, as well as saving webspace.

Anyways, among the new is this piece:

A gift for a friend who was expecting this 3 years ago(back then it was just Emma and Elektra). With her living not that far, I always thought that I’d have the time to draw a sketch, and hence drew for the fans first. Since It took sooooooooo long, I opted to give her a fully rendered, plus 1 character. She still drills the lateness though, but she’s very happy with it. The Girl in the center is supposed to be X-23. Since I never read NYX, I assumed she was older. I assumed wrong… but it is after all a training for me regarding shading and NOT to forget how to draw females

The gallery also features my most recent sequentials, Fantastic Four and the Hulk included. This section I can now postively absolutely promise I can update as often as I want, with the convenience offered by simpleviewer

I just loved drawing this issue…

As for the old gallery and site, I’m planning to have them reuploaded as well and archived… this time organized and cleaned up. If i find time, that is. Some of my other drawings can also be found at my deviant page .

So that’s all for now and again thank you for visiting the site. If there are issues with the site please do inform me.

Happy viewing.

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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