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Test Introduction

In between the scheds I decided to spend 2 days on the recently concluded Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2006 at Megamall. Even with a much larger space compared to last year’s ToyCon, it still was difficult to move around. I brought along some pages to finish hoping there’d be a good place to draw. but I was wrong I still have a throbbing headache since we couldn’t stop moving around, checking out booths and eherm… boothbabes and cosplayers. Harvey Tolibao and Jason Paz were just too happy to snap pictures of the whole event. Met new people including girls who make you feel too much at home and a girl who shows her warmth through violent ways.

I and the gang also got to meet the event’s special guest, Art Asylum founder Digger Mesch. We were introduced through the Tom Welling/Superman I did a couple of years ago. Although we should’ve asked for an email address. The Organizers also gave local celebrity Dingdong Dantes the print out, in which they asked me to sign. Never knew I’d be giving an autograph to a local heartthrob. Now… If only we all had his girls chasing us.

SO I went to the con to look for collectibles, unfortunately for me I couldn’t find anything to buy, or anything that interests me. In the end I settled for one 2nd hand devilman statuette. And then, lo and behold, after I’ve bought other non-toy things and depleted my financial resources I saw the action figure I failed to buy years ago… damn

Also In attendance at the con was Gerry Alanguilan, who was occupied with selling his newest indie book Elmer, an unlikely chicken story. I’m looking forward to reading it after I get my copy from Druid’s Keep, a local comic book shop in Magallanes. Also had the chance to talk to Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine superstar Leinil Yu, and about his work. Unfortunately for the readers here, I won’t disclose any of it. hehe. Wilson Tortosa was also there very busily appearing from all over, snapping pictures and everything.

All in all it was fun. I’m still collecting all photos from the event… and within a weeks time I’ll be posting pictures as caught by Harvey, Jason, myself, and Ludwig Sacramento.

Back to the drawing board

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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2 Responses to ToyCon 2006

  1. Azrael says:

    tnx for coming carlo!!
    and thanks super for the superman tom welling artwork !! it was a great contribution for the convention.
    haahaha …i thought the artwork in the exhbit was i knew it that you gave the artwork to ding dong dantes eheehehe… tnx again carlo !! hope to jam with you all again on the next event

  2. Caloy says:

    It was Ariel and Cholo who gave the artwork… di ko agad nakilala si Ariel nung kinukuha akala ko kung sino LOL…
    If Karylle wasn’t there, I won’t allow it! hahaha, kidding. Hopefully next year it will be as successful if not more. :D

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