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… in IMAX3D

Yes, I with the GHG brigade had the opportunity of watching the first hollywood movie to be shown in 3D… well partly in 3D. It feels like you could almost grab Superman’s cape and snip a souvenir. It was a treat finally seeing a new Superman movie employing the latest in FX technology, to think I was nervous that the flying sequences would be too overused in other FX movies, this really doesn’t disapppoint.

GHG Asia at IMAXIMAX GlassesGHGFresh airIMAX

The bad news is it only had 20+ minutes of 3D. The producers and the IMAX people never had enough time to convert the whole movie. Fortunately they chose the good parts. This is my first 3d experience and possibly everyone in the theatre, since everybody was going “oooo” and “yaaaaagh”, especially during the 3d trailers when the T-rex was snarling. I wanted to pet the T-rex! Another thing that bothered me was the frame speed, It seems that the 3d version must have a faster frame rate than 30… everything becomes too much of a blur when a scene is really fast, you barely notice it’s 3D… the only thing that tells you it’s still 3d is because you have the glasses on. But then again, maybe it’s just me.

If they would rerelease this movie in full 3d, I’d watch it.

As for the movie itself, I really enjoyed it. It was full of iconic shots that you could only say “super”. Singer delivered, with me comparing this movie to his X-men Movies. Yes the X-men movies didn’t grab too much of me. The intro alone feels nostalgic (to those who watched the fisrt movies). I was half expecting to see the name Alexander Salkind in the credits. The actors were good, but I’d have to see it again to have my final say, but yes they were good. Too busy enjoying the visuals hehe. Although my feeling is I don’t seem to be raving about it as much as I was raving about the Spiderman movies. but it is definitely my 2nd placer, with Batman Begins a very close 3rd. It would be a good idea to watch the first 2 Supes movies to refresh your minds, and you may see the movie a bit differently …. in a very good way.

This is the first IMAX theatre in the country, which is offered by the newest mall; SM Mall of Asia in partnership with the San Miguel Corporation. The Mall claims to be the 3rd largest in the world. IT IS REALLY BIG i can tell you that. Superman is the first Hollywood movie with a IMAX3D version, with the Philippines as being among the first to show it worldwide, thanks to the international dateline. The Mall of Asia also claims to have received the first IMAX reels.

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