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And here now is Jay Tablante‘s final image from the shoot, so may we request viewers to move your keyboards away from under your mouths. And before you just stop with just the image, I’d like to inform you that on the very bottom is the complete behind the scenes from the photoshoot.

Make-up: Paul Refol Styling: Hannah Kim Costume Production: Badj Genato
Production Design: Raffy Tesoro Art Director: Carl Urgino ● Digital Imaging: Ghani Madueno
Model: Nadine Howell Photographer: Jay Tablante

Jay took interest in a painting I had done years ago, and based the final costume from that.  And when he told me about his plans, I absoltely had to watch the shoot. And her choice of who was to play the character was Rhian Ramos’ Sister; Nadine.  Jay had convinced her to model the character because of her resemblance, in certain angles, to Jennifer Garner.  and to that I agree, but generrally she does portray a strong look.  So you can just imagine my reaction upon seeing her in the suit— I really wish I had brought pencils.

I have to be honest though that I only got to finish this until after the shoot.  If not for the shoot, I would’ve forgotten about this pending digital painting and so here it is the final image!

And just to thank Nadine for playing the character, I gave this sketch to her. It’s a study for something else in the works:

Taking pictures during the shoot made me feel like I was in a movie reboot of Elektra (and thereby realizing my slight frustration with the Elektra Movie).   And if you were in my position you certainly wouldn’t miss a picture opportunity with her.

Yes that ugly geek is me, but I’m happy enough to ruin the picture for you.

And with that I leave you with the complete behind the scenes of Jay Tablante’s Elektra Cosplay shoot (that’s a mouthful)

Cosplay Shoot BTS – ELEKTRA

I dropped in on one of Jay Tablante’s cosplay shoot, this time featuring Marvel’s silk wearing assasin; Elektra Natchios. The model portraying her is Nadine Ramos Howell, who also happens to be the sister of GMA actress Rhian Ramos… This is a look behind the scenes

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Jay Tablante is a manila-based photographer specializing in glamour, fashion, product and advertising photography. His official website is at  You may also connect with him through his DeviantArt page

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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4 Responses to Elektra Natchios!

  1. patman says:

    caloy, payag ako mag-pose for you basta may sketch rin ako. hehe

  2. elektralover says:

    wow!!! i am just awestruck, this is just divine! saw this on fb and followed it here. anyway, i’m a huge elektra natchios fan also. i was wondering why you’re so frustrated with the elektra movie…i know it could have been loads better, had it been helmed by a better director, but it wasn’t really that bad. jennifer garner kicked ass in that movie! and uhm, could you tell me where you got those sai? i’ve always wanted to get a pair but i can’t seem to find any here in the phil…hope you can answer my query. thanks a bunch!!!

    • Carlo says:

      A not “so frustrated”… just slight. Basically how the story folded out, costume choice and would have preferred Nathassia Malthe for the role (the one who played Typhoid Mary). Things could have kicked ass more… that’s just me

      As for the Sais, Jay said he had borrowed it. Although you could try looking at Greenhills, since I remember seeing a Martial Arts store over there. And a friend mentioned there’s a collectibles shop in Waltermart Makati that sells replicas and bladed weapons. You can also try asking Geishablade in… they sell mainly katanas, but he may know where you can grab sais, and probably authentic.

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