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Test Introduction

I wasn’t planning to go there, but I had to talk to our resident sculptor about a commission I wanted him to do, and also the constant emails I got from Azrael regarding the schedule of the event. I also had introduced him to Patrick Carlos, an avid comic book fan and collector, who happened to be there as well.
Before leaving the house I was contemplating if I should bring the book I had hoped to be signed last year when Neil was here. I decided not to bring my 1602 book since I thought there’d be a lot of people expecting Gaiman to be there as the purported surprise guest… so the chances of having the book signed would again be improbable. I met up with Harvey and his little brother and Jason and took a taxi from Megamall to Rockwell, all of us hoping that the surprise guest was indeed Neil Gaiman or at the least Alex Niño, since there was an Alex Niño Award for comics.

The Comics forum had already started when we arrived and almost immediately we noticed that the aircon was full blast and there was unexpectedly, very few people. I was already thinking about 1602 and if I was wrong about my earlier decision. Jim Faustino arrived a a little later and also told him of Patrick’s plan to commission somebody to do a personal Planet Hulk sculpture. And I in turn wanted to talk to them both about my plan… which involved using a metallic glossy paint on an “S” logo. Pat knows about paints… Jim knows about resins… and both have compatibility issues. Hopefully Jim can find a way.

Since I was in Manila, I took the chance to grab a book that could help me in some shots and crazyness. I bought an LOTR art book and at the cashier Jason pointed to a whiteboard, A message read:

Reminder: Neil gaiman will be on a live feed at 7:00 pm

I guess my decision was right. And I guess the surprise is there was no guest.

this was a quick sculpt to be used when needed.  Also a nice tool for shadow references

We never finished the event after that. Although we did stay for the awarding of some of the entries. Yet Gerry Alanguilan and I were still hoping that on the onstage group picture of the awardees, the host would suddenly ask for Neil to come up in front to be with the winners… that would have been a great surprise indeed. But unfortunately…

We; Harvey, Jason and I, ended up at Mcdonalds each exchanging stories of the supernatural along with Wilson Tortosa and friend. We Never did find out who the winner was until I had read Gerry A’s post. And I had at last seen the video Gerry whipped up for the event; a 6 minute vid showcasing all the talents that has graced the country’s rick comics history. Watch it here or here. He also has the info on the winners of the event. You may read the entries for the event here.

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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  1. rafael says:

    are there any comic seminar in the country?

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