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Test Introduction

Recently I’ve been itching to draw classic characters from Philippine Komiks. I felt saturated by all those characters I’ve drawn from other countries. And seeing other artworks from, however beautiful they are, It felt incomplete not seeing enough local characters…

I’ve also been rating about how bad our old characters have been adapted in other media, and here I am rarely drawing them at all.

So here… drew them when I was resting.

AngPanday Zuma-and-Galema

On the left is Flavio, ang Panday (the Blacksmith) and his friends, Tata Temyong and the boy Utoy. Panday was created by Carlo J. Caparas and Steve Gan in the 70s, which gained even more popularity after it was translated into film and played by the late Fernando Poe Jr.

On the right is father and daughter, Zuma and Galema, archenemies. Zuma, created by Jim Fernandez was the son of an Aztec Snake God who waged war against mankind.

Anyway, I hope you like em, need to get back to work now.

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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2 Responses to Classic Komiks Characters

  1. LeRoi de Leon says:

    Man, I remember these characters! “Juan Bayakan, Zuma, Ankan ni Zuma, Mahimud Ali from funny Komiks.”. Thanks for drawing them, bro. Brings back days of my childhood renting komiks at the tindahan! Have a good one.

  2. rafael says:

    hello po kuya carlo ask jo lang kun g may glasshousegraphics seminar ba ngayong taon?

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