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A year ago I signed up anonymously at the GMA boards. I decided to go by the name tangangbarbel. Anonymously because i don’t want to be branded with “porke’t ganito, akala mo na kung sinong magaling”. I’ve seen those remarks too often against those that gave criticisms locally… and besides everybody else was anonymous.

The conversations on that board were really heated but at some point hilarious… Dun galing yung mga Captain Barbell quotables post ko. The thread was long ago deleted but I managed to save a few of those pages.

Here is one of my conversations, that I think sums what I had wanted to convince them with. i change the name of the other poster, pero kung kasama kayo sa usapan na yun dati, malamang kilala niyo na rin sya. there was an artist there who posted a digi painting of Superman holding a battered CB by the neck with the words “you’re nothing but a second CAT trying RATE CopyHARD” :rofl:

anyway, here’s to the last day of CB hehehhe:

hmmm sounds u know abt graphics etc…can u share something instead of judging their works.

Oooooh, No way. and besides do I really need to show My works to prove that I have an eye for detail and to know that perfection takes time? How about I’m comparing the whole production turnaround to Production from the states?

U did’nt get my point…u r comparing ur knowledge abt it without realizing a lot of factors like…technology, budget, experienced etc. If u can’t accept the fact that we are behind the technology world and we still trying to prove something then I guess u really don’t understand. Philippines po ito hindi States and that’s the difference.

2nd, Hire the right people!, what is Zapata still doing there??? he has already ruined Darna, and now Barbell? Galit ba sya ka Mars Ravelo?

I guess if he indeed ruined Darna executives from gma do u think will still trust him? C’mon business ang teledrama kung tanga ang executives kukunin nila ang director or staff na nagpalubog sa show para walang advertisement (bcoz of the ratings) then walang pera…pero common sense naman kung alam mo ang patakaran ng business hindi ka gagawa ng isang bagay na ikalulugi mo…Ang tanong…bakit madaming advertisement ang Darna…kasi nga po nag ra-rate..maraming viewers..maraming may gusto..period!

ruined what?? hehehe I guess ur not aware of the ratings pity of you.

Ruined Darna… the whole concept… yung ibang characters ginaya pa sa X-men movies. the only thing(s) that let it stay on air could be mamaries. Sorry couldn’t help it. But seriously It was not a good show. Special Effects wise and story. And Crap who cares about the ratings kung ganito rin lang… nakakatanga ng palabas ang nagbibigay ng ratings sa mga fanasy na palabas ng GMA or ABS.

now u make sense at last u included abs….again, walang perfect ang labanan lang dito ay kung sino at ano ang tatangkilikin ng viewers it’s just happened to be shows from gma. Pilipinas po ito ni re-remind ko lang hehehe
(honestly I couldn’t remember what my idea was in my last statement. I can’t even understand what I wrote there, but she says that I made sense… go figure. I think I was trying to point that if people praise you too much, you end up a spoiled brat)

I guess YOU didn’t get my point, I wasn’t talking about technology, I was talking about TURNAROUND; that’s only one factor I mentioned. So far with technology WE FILIPINOS CAN, we already have all CG apps we need. I was POINTING OUT that perfection takes time. FX shows in the states have a production turnaround of more than a week per episode, and seasons only last half a year each in total; roughly 26 episodes a year.

Have you seen local commercials lately? They have Special FX a lot better than Philippine Fantaseryes. Why?, because they sure didn’t make those effects in one day. There are 3d or Composite Artists that are Filipinos and have been even hired by ILM and their partner PIXAR. I am sure GMA has maybe equivalent talents, but they can’t do their full potential with a one day Turnaround. Same with writers, do you think they’ll come up with something very original with a one week sched and not copy Smallville? You have so much faith with your beloved station so I figure you’ll answer “yes”.

Did you know that Sega has a partner company here who does 3d graphics for games? And we all know how good graphics quality and standards have increased. Hell processing power has exponentially increased. So technology is no longer a factor, unless your doing a movie equivalent of LOTR. Do you see my point?

Budget? GMA made a press release they could shell out $50,000 for a costume. Nearly as much as the current superman costume and the spiderman costume and take note; that price tag is FOR A MOVIE! << superman discussion>>

Question: How much does a suit like this cost?

Bronson: Well, we don’t really have the exact figure, but every time the stunt department wants to cut into one, I say it’s like putting a Carrera right off of a cliff.

Question: The Spider-Man suits cost like $50,000 or $80,000 each

Bronson: Oh yeah, we’re there.

If GMA could spend that much, how could budget be a factor in local production quality? That’s why I left that out because, granting without accepting, GMA said they spent that much for the costume

Dominic Zapata helming the project could be because GMA is still honoring a contract they all signed. Or maybe what the others here have speculated, albeit negatively, are true. You’re right who knows. But the Fact remains, he plagiarized a show… some of your Kapuso brethren are even in agreement.

I am not saying any of this because I hate GMA and taking sides. I am saying we could do SO MUCH better and, to boot, not loosing respect for the original material. I am saying that GMA, if not Zapata and writers, is risking a Legal Battle with the Largest Media Conglomerate in the world; TIME WARNER. I am saying I have faith with us Filipinos, And yes I am a Filipino, Pinoy na pinoy po and that’s why I’m so concerned about quality para matanggal na ang tag sa atin na manggagaya. Tuamatangkilik ako ng sariling atin na alam ko orihinal at walang pinanggayahan. at nakatayo sa paniniwalang Hindi pwede ang “pwede na yan mentality”

and quoting “another critic in the boards”:
Does it make you Proud to be Filipino now that the Writer of Captain barbell has once again proven what the world already knows-

That you guys locally are the World’s Greatest Imitators and Pirates.

I’ll be waiting for that lawsuit..if that will happen I will bow down to you but if not I guess learn to accept failures and learn to love ur own…

So you admit the show’s a failure then. Point taken.

About Carlo

I am a freelance comic book illustrator based in the Philippines and have mostly contributed work for Marvel Comics. I do mostly pencil works for interiors and covers, but have also expanded to digital painting and colors and the occasional digital sculpting.
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3 Responses to A Year Ago with Captain Barbell

  1. Khosru Kai Reyes says:

    you are one hundred percent right, that idiot Zapata ruined Darna and Capt Barbel and because of the moronic, lazy, profit first oriented and impatient producers of gma, we again, in the Philippines are left without any real entertainment that we can be proud of … It is such a shame. everything is a mimic of something they spotted from the united states.

    Love your drawings again, you make us filipinos proud.

    hope you guys introduce a filipino character in the comics in marvel. man, that be awesome…

  2. Cain Marco says:

    Carlo, the reason you were against CB is because of your mindset on GMA, you hate the tv station. Channel 2 which you like so much is worse (remember KRISTALA??, that was a pile of garbage, IMO)

  3. Caloy says:

    Cain Marco, Apparently we haven’t talked before, and you have no idea what my opinions are about Krispata.

    I don’t hate the station as much as I don’t hate Channel 2. I hate the way they treat their viewers.

    — Carlos Javier

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