Feb 18 2013

From Hibernation

Just to show that I still plan on updating this.  After all, I didn’t get to part 2 of the New Zealand trip (which I will). 

We’re heading off to Emerald City Comicon this coming March 1; me, Stephen Segovia, and Jay Anacleto together with our rep Kirk Dilbeck.  So if you’re in the area, drop by our table (Which I think is going to be M11 and 12).   The site’s not updated so we’re not on the site’s Artist Alley list.

After which I’m going to get back to updating this site. 


Something I did last week.


May 7 2012

New Zealand Trip part 1

Travelling is always a welcome opportunity and is always great that it’s usually tied to convention invites. 

Almost 2 years ago in Komikon 2010 I was asked if I’d be persuaded to work as an artist abroad, I answered I wouldn’t since I still love working from home.  However I said I could make an exception if an offer came from Weta Workshop, the company behind the practical and special effects for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar and other blockbusters.    New Zealand seemed like a serene place to work in and working at Weta would be a daily inspiration, as I am obviously a fan of their work and processes

A year later, Marvel had offered to give me a variant cover assignment for their then upcoming Avenger’s X-Sanction.  It was going to feature another of their marketing devices that would benefit comic book shops; Store logo placement on the actual cover.  I never really imagined that that little job could be more than a cover job.


A couple of months later Arune Singh, Marvel’s Director for Communications, Publishing and Digital Media, dropped me an email that a retailer in New Zealand was interested in bringing me over, in time to watch the Avengers movie.  I said yes easily the moment I read New Zealand… but couldn’t think of a definite reason for inviting me.  And then I thought it could be mainly about the movie or some promotional tandem for the comics and movie… and was thinking why not the other guys.  I was suddenly nervous that the movie was going to be crap  as Marvel was willing to shove creators to help in the promotions!  No matter— New Zealand! >gulp<

I was assuming ridiculously. A few days later Stu Colson emailed me about his  and his shop Heroes for Sale’s participation with the X-sanction promo covers. He laid out his interest in bringing me over.  And again saying yes was the easiest thing for  me to type.  And over the months had finally ironed out how the trip was going to be.  The Avengers  movie was still on the list (yay, few hours earlier than the Philippines!) and I’ll also be attending the Armageddon Expo on their Wellington show as a guest of Heroes for Sale.

And so I was set for the April trip!…  and that would be the next part of the story. Hopefully I can tell it as soon as possible. 

Apr 2 2012

Poison Ivy Print

This lady took me a while to finish, coloring wise… because of those damned leaves!  I had inched toward it’s final touch ups just last month after coloring a portion a week… I had to work after all and had to focus on more important concerns.  But I’m pretty happy with the result —  always wanted to draw Poison Ivy at her sexiest.

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Mar 28 2012

Witchblade Sketch and Test post

It has been a year since I last updated, since WordPress tags went haywire— hoping it doesn’t happen again. If you’ll also notice the change in address… so if anyone bookmarked  the site, you’re welcome to update em.

And yes, Sara Pezinni…


Pretty much everytime I drew her before, she was nearly naked… And no, I don’t have them  anymore.

Mar 30 2011

Eye of Sauron Kinect

I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings movies, so I just had to post this.  It’s a kinect project simulating Sauron looking through a Palantir; if you remember the scene where Merry holds it in Edoras.  Unfortunately it’s not for sale, although they could build one for you for a fee (so they say).   Should be cooler if the eye and flames were animated.

Still my favorite memorabilia for the trilogy is this; Sauron’s severed finger still wearing the Ring… and yes the Ring glows.  Sucks I can’t buy it though.

Mar 21 2011

The Sandman (photomanip)

Dreamcasting is such an appropriate term for this one.  Not much photo manipulation  for the character though.

I wanted to change his clothing but that would take too much time, so I just composed something quick to pass the time while I sneeze my frakkin head off.

After Geoff John’s tweet about the Sandman TV adaptation is still “Awake”, I figured I should edit or make a mock poster with someone I thought would be great as Morpheus;  Benedict Cumberbatch…

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Mar 14 2011

Elektra… again. But Finished

Really, really finished.

Started this painting way back in 2006, with really no final idea in mind.  What I wanted was just a sexy pinup and an exploration of methods.  I did end up posting an unfinished work in DeviantArt, with a step by step process, but I never revisited it until it was requested by Jay Tablante, saying he needs it as an inset for his feature in Digital Photographer (Philippines) Magazine

He used it as a costume reference for his Elektra shoot with model Nadine Howell.

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Mar 3 2011

I Drew the ‘iPad’ in 2004!

So comes the new iPad 2, and suddenly I remembered I drew it sans the apple logo! Apple should give me royalties! And since Marvel is now under Disney, in which Steve Jobs is part of the board, They’d no sooner say Yes.

Ok, just kidding.  but I did draw something similar on the pages of X-men: Unlimited volume 2 #7.


Tablets have popped in comics I’m sure, but I just remembered this while downloading the Apple Keynote.

XmenUnlmtd-pg02-closeThe script called for a ream of print outs with the kids diagnosis. I decided to replace it with a hand held tablet, to match the new danger room (which was also changed from the old Danger Room).

The idea came really from Star Trek, the same inspiration the Apple designers credit.  Putting it in the book made sense as it gets passed over to Kitty, who I took as not as knowledgeable in medicine as Beast.  A tablet would be handier and intuitive for her to flip through.

What I drew in the pages is hardly an Apple product (if you’ve reached this part and still think I’m serious, scroll back).  It’s borderless on the long sides, and the power button is at the top left, but it’s just as thin as the iPad.  All the same, had fun drawing it and the story.

A couple of years back  there was also another tech that I’ve been itching to put on paper and saw it first in the Red Planet movie.  It’s the translucent sheet that one can use as an Augmented Reality screen.  I never did get the chance.

But if we’re lucky, we might get to use an actual one in the near future.


X-men: Unlimited V2 #7 The Boy Who Wasn’t There was written by Mike Raicht, with me on the pencils and inked by Sean Parsons.

Feb 28 2011

Les Femmes Fatales

Jay Tablante had a successful opening of his cosplay photo exhibit; Les Femmes Fatales, a week ago.  The exhibit features a sample of his most recent photographs of pop culture heroines, whose shoots a few of us had been lucky enough to attend.  It’s still up, and you can still visit The Crucible.

Picture by Roi Francisco

The Artists Brigade – Left to Right; standing: Jairus Tolibao, Gener Pedriña, behind him Jann Galino, Harvey Tolibao, Jay David Ramos, Jay Tablante, Max-c Cubacub, behind her; Aaron Felizmenio, Heubert Michael, Ruben Nation and Patrick Carlos.  And that’s me holding the glass up to Jairus. Awesome picture by Roi Francisco

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Feb 21 2011

Let There Be— Tree

SpeedTree Software

Here’s an awesome way to model trees in 3D.  It’s the closest thing you’d get to having god-like powers (well in the virtual universe, that is).

—  I wanna try it!  The process looks so intuitive.

Edit:  Just found out it was used for James Cameron’s Avatar, so that elevates the price to the cost of a liver