The Fun Filled Weekend

It was fortunate that the cover job was spaced just right for me to go ahead with the gangs 3 month long plan, Cebu Comic Con.  And i had finished it in time to see Selene Gallios personified

Cosplay Shoot

I had a week long trip out of town, beginning with another visit to Jay Tablante‘s cosplay shoot.  Just so you know, Jay is on a roll because of a planned exhibit next year, so there are more shoots on his calendar.  This week it was the Black Queen, A Marvel Comics villain who has the power to drain one’s life force, and she was played by the equally enchanting Diana Menezes, a Brazilian model and host of the popular noontime showl Eat Bulaga

Diana Menezes

Jay’s final shot is this stunning image

Make-up: Eileen Ramos ● Styling: Miko Calma

Costume Production: Badj Genato ● Art Director: RJ Alfonso

Production Design: Raffy Tesoro ● Digital Imaging: Dovie Raquel

Model: Daiana Menezes ● Photographer: Jay Tablante

I also had the pleasure of meeting Pilar Tuason and Aly Reyes, 2 celebrated local photographers who were also there to watch Jay work, Ms. Pilar also was doing a feature interview on Jay when I arrived.  I just hope the editor is wise enough to cut me out.

Behind the scenes pictures can be seen here

And from there i was off to Harvey’s crib to catch some sleep and then…

The First Cebu Comic Con!

the Convention was a blast, and we’ve never met a more enthusiastic comic book crowd before.  We really had a blast.  Although first off I’d like to apologize to the Cebu crowd that I had only drawn 1 sketch for the con.  We seriously lacked sleep by the time we got to the floor because of an early morning black out… and it was just right after lunch when you’re in the point of really wanting to sleep after a sumptuous meal.  My hand was already going all over with the markers like a drunk rabbit.

My drawing drawing raffled off at the first Cebu Comicon

The rest however were all troopers, Harvey Tolibao, Stephen Segovia, Jason Paz, Ariel Padilla, Heubert Michael, Lui Antonio, Res Espino, and Romulo Fajardo.  Other than Mulong i was the only penciler not drawing anything else after Elektra… maybe I was just damn lazy.  I do promise that next time, i’ll drink loads of coffee and sketch maybe 2 pieces … just kidding.  I’ll sketch as many as I can.

Already there before us was Superior’s Gerry Alanguilan and wife Ilyn,  Jonas Diego, Hazel Manzano, Komiks rockstar Manix Abrera, and the Artists Den/Komikon peeps; Lyndon Gregorio, Jon Zamar and Sherry Baet Zamar, and Ariel Atienza.  And we got reacquainted with people we first met back in May.

And later that night harvey ushered us for an interview on Cebu’s Smooth FM with his friend and DJ, Henry Steel, Stephen was going about his usual crazy bits on air! So I don’t know if Cebuanos understood our incoherent ramblings, but we had a great time in the booth.

Pictures of the Convention can be found here

The Long Overdue Tour

And finally we we’re able to tour Cebu. Last time we were here we had opted to go around Bohol, which robbed us of the time to travel Cebu.  And to the rest of the guys disappointment; the non appearance of the dolphins, and ruined cameras.

This time we got to see ancestral homes, Magellan’s Cross, Fort San Pedro, tried the Lechon again… but we still lacked the time for a complete tour, At least there’s still something to look forward to. However, we never let the SkyWalk adventure pass, and I’m glad to know I don’t have a paralysing fear of heights.

And finally we had to say goodbye again to Cebu.  And we’re hoping Cebu Comicon becomes a yearly affair, an additional reason to pay the city of hospitality another visit.

Thanks for the smooth landing

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