The Young Laura Kinney

This is an uber late feature of Jay Tablante‘s shoot prior to going to STGCC.  This one I guess you’ve already seen floating in the net but nonetheless, it was fun watching the shoot happen.  When Jay mentioned he had scheduled an X-23 shoot (which then was to feature a prominent actress), I had mused to him if he might do a younger adolescent X-23.  And he did, much sooner than I had expected.

The younger Laura Kinney was then played by the young actress Barbie Forteza from GMA channel.  And before the shoot proper Jhem Manalang (who does the Art Direction) mentioned getting stunned about all the news coverage from the channel’s entertainment segment.  The shoot idea is after all inspired from Kick-Ass’ Hit Girl; the preteen vigilante, and the young x-23 at the same age of 13 was already an assasin.  A role not donned by any actress of the same age.  And when I did ask Barbie if an offer came for such a character, she unhesitatingly said “Go”… with a thumbs up.  And us knowing she hasn’t seen Kick Ass, I had to glance over her parents who were watching the shoot as well…  They may have not seen it too.

But the girl was more than happy to pretend being a killer, while dreading about tripping over and accidentally stabbing the SWAT guy underneath.

Managed to also put together this one… however I couldn’t cram in more video or pictures since I had yet to buy a larger CF card

And the slaughters final image:

Laura Kinney - Barbie Forteza
Photographer: Jay Tablante
Make-up: Charlie Manapat ● Hair: Dimples Callada
Styling: Hannah Kim ● Props Production: Edralin Manila
Production Design: Raffy Tesoro ● Art Director: Jhem Manalang
Digital Imaging: Ghani Madueno
Models: Barbie Forteza, (dead soldiers) John Logarta, Allen Logarta, Jose Tamayo, Erickson Castro, Amado Bulauitan

For the pictures of the BTS, head over here.  Hopefully Tomorrow I can post the BTS for the mature Laura Kinney… And now back to work!

X-23 was originally created for the Animated Series X-men Evolution by Craig Kyle, before being brought into the Comics Universe

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