Les Femmes Fatales

Jay Tablante had a successful opening of his cosplay photo exhibit; Les Femmes Fatales, a week ago.  The exhibit features a sample of his most recent photographs of pop culture heroines, whose shoots a few of us had been lucky enough to attend.  It’s still up, and you can still visit The Crucible.

Picture by Roi Francisco

The Artists Brigade – Left to Right; standing: Jairus Tolibao, Gener Pedriña, behind him Jann Galino, Harvey Tolibao, Jay David Ramos, Jay Tablante, Max-c Cubacub, behind her; Aaron Felizmenio, Heubert Michael, Ruben Nation and Patrick Carlos.  And that’s me holding the glass up to Jairus. Awesome picture by Roi Francisco

A few of you are aware that I’ve been dabbling in photography as a hobby outside comics, and is a shared interest with the patrons and friends of a comic book shop I frequent. It was through one of those guys; Patrick Carlos, that we got acquainted with Jay, who has done a few commercial shoots for their firm and so expressed our interest in watching him shoot… fervently.

Jason Paz and I finally got to meet Jay on the Zatanna Shoot with actress Bianca King (haven’t posted that one).  And there we got a glimpse of how nitpicky Jay was on his shoots; trying to capture Jim Lee’s lighting aside from trying to make comic book geeks satisfied with the details.  And that paid off really, as his images have been gracing comic book sites and triumphantly in Marvel.com itself!

Jay Tablante, Leinil Yu, Anna Yu

Jay Tablante with Leinil Yu, and his wife Anna

The exhibit was held at The Crucible,  the very same gallery that held Tony de Zuñiga’s  Superheroes exhibit.  Les Les Femmes FatalesFemmes Fatales opened on February 22; and an exhibit about comics wouldn’t be missed by us comic book creators. I arrived with Harvey Tolibao and met up with Sketchpad Studios, and then Leinil Yu and wife Anna.

Of course gracing the occasion was Jay’s models, GMA’s Nadine Howell and Rhian Ramos, Bianca King, and Laugh-Out-Loud’s and celebrity cosplayer Alodia Gosiengfiao.  And with the ladies on the floor it’s not surprising that the turnout would be packed… Well we still got surprised.  It’s honestly the most crowded gallery opening I’ve attended, and I had teased Jay that the only things missing are booths, stores and a stage and we have ourselves a convention!

It was only when the crowd had lessened that we got to enter the gallery and get to greet and talk with Jay and his crew; with Jay obviously overwhelmed by the reception, but otherwise still had as much energy when the event began.

ArtistsBianca King, Raffy Tesoro, Erika CarununganMe and Nadine HowellMe and Rhian RamosMe with Alodia GosiengfiaoMe, Jay Tablante, Harvey Tolibao

complete album up in my Facebook

Les Femmes Fatales runs until March 6th, and all those on display are on sale (if still available).  Proceeds shall be given to the Vincentian Missionaries Social Development Foundation.  SO if you fancy anything among his images note him up in Facebook.  Be sure to watch his deviantart account for upcoming images.

You may also wanna check on Roi Francisco’s  awesome shots of the event

And here is FHM Philippines’ video coverage of the opening

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