The Sandman (photomanip)

Dreamcasting is such an appropriate term for this one.  Not much photo manipulation  for the character though.

I wanted to change his clothing but that would take too much time, so I just composed something quick to pass the time while I sneeze my frakkin head off.

After Geoff John’s tweet about the Sandman TV adaptation is still “Awake”, I figured I should edit or make a mock poster with someone I thought would be great as Morpheus;  Benedict Cumberbatch…

Benedict Cumberbatch as Morpheus.  Hit the right arrow key to see the difference

I have never seen the actor before and neither was his name familiar; it was just hinted by a long-time Sandman and Gaiman fan, Max-c Cubacub, that he’d do great as Morpheus.  So she introduced me to the BBC series Sherlock to prove the point.  And on just his first scene – I had to agree; Cumberbatch is Morpheus.   He has this way of playing Sherlock  with this often detached look that I thought would suit the Sandman perfectly, not to mention his appearance – gaunt features and paleness (he does look so pale in the show).  Just have the FX guys change the eyes, and then mess the hair more, he’s Morpheus!

Unfortunately and admittedly, this coming true is highly unlikely as he is already playing Sherlock Holmes.  So this image goes to those who want him for the Sandman.

But then again, who knows?

“Sherlock” – A fast-paced, witty take on the legendary Sherlock Holmes crime novels, now set in present day London and starring Benedict Cumberbatch (The Last Enemy) as the Baker Street sleuth and Martin Freeman (The Office UK) as his loyal sidekick Doctor Watson. Shown: Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes The picture is from Sherlock’s own press photos as taken by Colin Hutton.  The largest planet is a stock image made by Bryan Kolb.  The rest are quick renders from Terragen

P.S. Would be sweeter to have Death and a couple more of the Endless in the background.  I don’t have good choices on who could play Death, but I have 2;  Zooey Deschannel or Mila Kunis… both mainly because of their eyes and both seemingly have the most cheerful look to contrast death(to me at least), because Death looks so cheerful in the comic …

To be honest though, I’m taking a bit of Kristin Kreuk’s likeness when drawing Death because she’s just damned cute.   Just stroke  a swirl on her right eye on this shot.

Feel free to suggest dear viewers.

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