New Zealand Trip part 1

Travelling is always a welcome opportunity and is always great that it’s usually tied to convention invites. 

Almost 2 years ago in Komikon 2010 I was asked if I’d be persuaded to work as an artist abroad, I answered I wouldn’t since I still love working from home.  However I said I could make an exception if an offer came from Weta Workshop, the company behind the practical and special effects for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar and other blockbusters.    New Zealand seemed like a serene place to work in and working at Weta would be a daily inspiration, as I am obviously a fan of their work and processes

A year later, Marvel had offered to give me a variant cover assignment for their then upcoming Avenger’s X-Sanction.  It was going to feature another of their marketing devices that would benefit comic book shops; Store logo placement on the actual cover.  I never really imagined that that little job could be more than a cover job.


A couple of months later Arune Singh, Marvel’s Director for Communications, Publishing and Digital Media, dropped me an email that a retailer in New Zealand was interested in bringing me over, in time to watch the Avengers movie.  I said yes easily the moment I read New Zealand… but couldn’t think of a definite reason for inviting me.  And then I thought it could be mainly about the movie or some promotional tandem for the comics and movie… and was thinking why not the other guys.  I was suddenly nervous that the movie was going to be crap  as Marvel was willing to shove creators to help in the promotions!  No matter— New Zealand! >gulp<

I was assuming ridiculously. A few days later Stu Colson emailed me about his  and his shop Heroes for Sale’s participation with the X-sanction promo covers. He laid out his interest in bringing me over.  And again saying yes was the easiest thing for  me to type.  And over the months had finally ironed out how the trip was going to be.  The Avengers  movie was still on the list (yay, few hours earlier than the Philippines!) and I’ll also be attending the Armageddon Expo on their Wellington show as a guest of Heroes for Sale.

And so I was set for the April trip!…  and that would be the next part of the story. Hopefully I can tell it as soon as possible. 

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