Covers and Pin-ups

A collection of pin-ups and covers I’ve done; digitally painted, pencils and inked by some of my inker friends. Among these are a few tryout pages I had submitted years ago, which luckily landed me job assignments.


Interior pages of some of my most recent works. Of course I’ve chosen the pages I’m most happy with. All of the images in here are just penciled pages and as such, I’ve set the viewing of this section to be slightly larger than the window. Since the details tend to deteriorate if it were any smaller


Some of the things I have tried, shirt designing, logos. Insert artworks for Marvel’s mails. And some artworks I couldn’t classify (or too lazy to) into anything, I had placed here. Other than that these images are without their fond and fun memories… >sniff<


Rough studies or design studies or those drawn out of boredom. Either way, they were fun to draw. Much of these eventually made it into print, some expectedly didn’t, albeit regretfully. A few of their finished versions can be found in the other sections.