Jan 16 2011

Weapon X23

Immediately after getting back from Singapore the Space Academy set to work on the second version of x23; the mature version. And Max-c Cubacub and I dropped in to watch.   Jay had chosen Sollen Heussaff to wear the claws of Laura Kinney, for those who do not know, Sollen is a tv/ print model, and actress and VJ for Channel V. For facebook afficionados; you may have glanced at the Coke Zero Ad featuring her… but most of you have definitely seen her on TV in Survivor Philippines.

What’s not very well known is her knack for prosthetic make up, she actually applied the wounds on her self for the shoot. I wish I had recorded that one. however this much I have caught on video… Continue reading “Weapon X23” »

Sep 22 2010

Elektra Natchios!

And here now is Jay Tablante‘s final image from the shoot, so may we request viewers to move your keyboards away from under your mouths. And before you just stop with just the image, I’d like to inform you that on the very bottom is the complete behind the scenes from the photoshoot.
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Sep 14 2010

Alan Scott

Alan ScottAn initial layout for a commission which i decided to color.  I never used this study though as I felt it wasn’t fit for THE Alan Scott.  So I decided on a slightly more dramatic pose, deserving a golden age superhero, which i could liken to those 50′s acting.  You may have observed it too; flamboyant gestures, dramatic hands, etc— theatrical stances.  Shakespearian if you will.  Something I rarely employ… actually i can’t remember if I’ve used it before.  What I generally aim for when drawing is power stances and subtle acting, that are more often influenced by todays movies and anime or manga.

I hope I’m making sense here.

Well, anyway here’s the final pencil commission

Sep 8 2010

Planet Hulk by Bowen Designs

So here we have it, my digital sculpt in the real world. and I am quite happy about it.  It’s just the proto paint so actual production is still a long way off,

photo was taken by Dan Cope, you can see the turn-around and other pics at www.statuemarvels.com.

Rock on!

Aug 19 2010

Planet Hulk Bust

Some of you may have seen a lifesize Planet Hulk bust almost a year ago which was based on a 3d model I had done before.  The initial model was back then just from head to traps (shoulder).  Months later I revisited that sculpt and decided to give him an armless torso and a pedestal… mainly because I wanted to have a hulk mini bust which I would then get printed… well that was my plan.  So i had been scouring forums and bugging other artists about 3d printing, but remained unsure of  how it will turn out.

[simage=249,200,c,left,right]I had previously showed it to a few friends, and then Pat Carlos insisted he’d show it to Randy Bowen.  So I said ok, still quite nervous about the prospect,  that and I’ve been a fan of Bowen Statues way back.

And when the letter came and it was from Mr. Bowen, it took me a while to think of how to reply to Randy himself.  But suffice to say, he was interested in producing the bust.

The bust was then announced I think 2 months back and I held back on any news about it since I really didn’t know the time table for these things.  So why now?  Well I have recently been emailed a picture of a rough look of the bust.  Of course I can’t show the picture, but I am quite excited about how it looks so far.  Yes!

Apr 12 2010

Supergirl Drawing

Deviating a while from the Marvel Universe, I give you Supergirl.  I guess it’s safe to say I’m finally getting the hang of coloring with markers.  If only  I could do it a bit faster.  Also I’m not calling this one a sketch as I have taken utmost care drawing the lines and the colors.  I also did not have the exact blue so i had to experiment on combinations.  After finishing this one I’m thinking of revisiting the previous drawings.

This is so far only my third Supergirl drawing, one I gave away in France, another was a sketch request, and this will definitely not be the last.  However I haven’t drawn anything else after this piece, and as soon as I can I’ll grab those markers again.

Once you click an image, use the arrow keys to scroll through.[simage=248,512,n,center,][simage=247,512,n,center,][simage=246,512,n,center,]

Apr 11 2010

Renaissance ART AUCTION

The Artworks of the Following Artists are now up for auction

Auction Page

1st Batch – April 10 -19

Heubert Khan Michael
Philip Tan / Whilce Portacio
Carlo Pagulayan
Stephen Segovia
Jason Paz
Lan Medina
Edwin David
Rico Rival
Clem Rivera
Ernie Patricio
Ernest Jocson
Ruben Nacion
Dennis Crisostomo
Randy Valiente

Help spread the word!

September 23, 2009, Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) brought its trail of destruction.

Over 6 Billion Pesos ($143M USD) in agricultural damages, 4 Billion Pesos ($93M USD) in infrastructure. Lives and jobs were lost, homes devastated. And until now, the aftermath can still be felt in the country. Four days later, Typhoon Parma (Pepeng), another super typhoon, struck the Philippines. Leaving in its wake damages leading up to Php19 Million ($417 USD). Php 29 Billion ($613 Million USD) in lives and properties claimed by the two typhoons in just the span of a week.

On February 21, 2010, 60 top Filipino artists in the fields of Comics, Animation and Graphic Design from around the world launched the art book RENAISSANCE: ANG MULING PAGSILANG. The publication aims to raise a significant amount of money to help the cities and families recover from the disaster. Exclusive original art from the book will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. We hope to invite you all to participate in this charity auction to continue rehabilitating properties and lives. Details on how to help are below.

To see the rest of the auction schedule, please go HERE

If you care, bid big :)

Apr 9 2010

Black Cat and Ms. Marvel Sketch

[simage=242,160,n,right,left]On the right is the rough for this drawing.  Drawn last week after the first color sketches gave me a few ounces of self confidence.

I haven’t drawn Black Cat before so I paired her with one of my favorite female characters, Ms. Marvel.  A few things did not turn out the way I wanted it but it was a fun accomplishment at the least.[simage=241,400,c,center,]

Apr 5 2010

Namora sketch

[simage=245,288,c,left,right]First colored piece trying out Letraset’s Tria markers.  Regretfully I had only bought 2 flesh tones, since I don’t know how the ink sets with this brand.  And I really loved it;  it had this this thick pastel flat look to it combined with a paper I’ve been using.  So I’m sold with the brand, and I plan to rummage through Fully Booked to get more colors and hopefully a complete set.

I’ve done several pieces in color since I got it.  Will post them soon.

Apr 1 2010

Hulk and Betty

This piece was done a few weeks ago and was undecided whether to do it by pen or brush… I chose brush.

[simage=243,288,c,right,left]During the recent months and several cons we’ve become acquainted with our local Komiks Masters; the few who chose to stay in the Philippines after working under the Big 2.  Namely Jun Lofamia, Rico Rival, Danny Acuña, Ernie Patricio among them, and occassionally we’d get a glimpse of their brushwork and luckier still if we see them in action.  That method in drawing was what practically identified most Filipinos during the 70′s; the flowing and purposeful and intricate brush work.  It’s something I’ve told Sir Rico Rival I really envy and wish I could do.

Hence the drawing on the right, a futile attempt with the brush.  It’s not the first time, however it’s been 10 yrs since the last time I tried it.  However this time I tried doing it over a reallly rough and unrecognizable draft….  I was wondering if I can do that too.  Not trying it again haha.

Wanted to use whites unfortunately don’t have any at the moment but I sure wish I had and as well rendered Betty’s robe differently, as it contrasts the way I did Hulk’s.

I’m tempted to ask the veterans if they could ink a different version…

By the way, for this one I used regular india ink and employed a Tamiya detailing brush for the finish.