Apr 12 2010

Supergirl Drawing

Deviating a while from the Marvel Universe, I give you Supergirl.  I guess it’s safe to say I’m finally getting the hang of coloring with markers.  If only  I could do it a bit faster.  Also I’m not calling this one a sketch as I have taken utmost care drawing the lines and the colors.  I also did not have the exact blue so i had to experiment on combinations.  After finishing this one I’m thinking of revisiting the previous drawings.

This is so far only my third Supergirl drawing, one I gave away in France, another was a sketch request, and this will definitely not be the last.  However I haven’t drawn anything else after this piece, and as soon as I can I’ll grab those markers again.

Once you click an image, use the arrow keys to scroll through.[simage=248,512,n,center,][simage=247,512,n,center,][simage=246,512,n,center,]

Apr 9 2010

Black Cat and Ms. Marvel Sketch

[simage=242,160,n,right,left]On the right is the rough for this drawing.  Drawn last week after the first color sketches gave me a few ounces of self confidence.

I haven’t drawn Black Cat before so I paired her with one of my favorite female characters, Ms. Marvel.  A few things did not turn out the way I wanted it but it was a fun accomplishment at the least.[simage=241,400,c,center,]

Apr 1 2010

Hulk and Betty

This piece was done a few weeks ago and was undecided whether to do it by pen or brush… I chose brush.

[simage=243,288,c,right,left]During the recent months and several cons we’ve become acquainted with our local Komiks Masters; the few who chose to stay in the Philippines after working under the Big 2.  Namely Jun Lofamia, Rico Rival, Danny Acuña, Ernie Patricio among them, and occassionally we’d get a glimpse of their brushwork and luckier still if we see them in action.  That method in drawing was what practically identified most Filipinos during the 70′s; the flowing and purposeful and intricate brush work.  It’s something I’ve told Sir Rico Rival I really envy and wish I could do.

Hence the drawing on the right, a futile attempt with the brush.  It’s not the first time, however it’s been 10 yrs since the last time I tried it.  However this time I tried doing it over a reallly rough and unrecognizable draft….  I was wondering if I can do that too.  Not trying it again haha.

Wanted to use whites unfortunately don’t have any at the moment but I sure wish I had and as well rendered Betty’s robe differently, as it contrasts the way I did Hulk’s.

I’m tempted to ask the veterans if they could ink a different version…

By the way, for this one I used regular india ink and employed a Tamiya detailing brush for the finish.

Mar 30 2010

Wolverine Sketch

[simage=240,288,c,left,right]Another with the markers.  Did these a week back, and I don’t like it when I have to do color corrections in photoshop for a grayscale drawing!  The markers aren’t as even as i want them to be…

His current costume is in my opinion the best design, or i like it because I just hate drawing undies on top of suits

Mar 29 2010

Hulk Sketch

[simage=239,288,n,right,left]This was a request that was to be included in a 3 yr old commission.

Haven’t had much experience with markers, so I’m not particularly happy about the end result.  It must be the paper I used.  Can’t say whether my Copics are strating to dry out or its just the way they mixed their colors; just a variation on the amount of solvent to a particular color to produce a different shade.

Anyway it’s just a sketch and hope you like it

Feb 28 2010

Women in Comics

Nope it’s not about female characters appearing in the funny books, rather those who work on books.

During the last couple of Cons we’ve attended and on the radio interview, people asked why the Comics industry is dominated by males.  It wasn’t the first time I had been asked that; the first time was  from a female friend who had then aspired to be a colorist.  She didn’t feel at all positive or at least motivated to enter the business because of the male-female ratio.

I told her that it’s probably more on personal interest.  I’ve observed more guys are interested in drawing. And we all know a lot are also interested in comics.  And since the more famous genre happens to be superheroes, adventure, and sci-fi rather than romance and drama and fantasy, guys are easily drawn in.  Males tend to relate to adventure stuff and sometimes daydream or fantasize about being the hero.  I guess that’s why they say females are more mature than us hehe.  (I remember being chastised back in college by a a friends Highschool girlfriend of  being childish, because I loved to draw hero stuff)

If the market was saturated with romance comics it would be safe to say there’d be a lot of female creators.  Girls love novels, IMO novels aren’t really that much different from comics.  That’s probably why more girls turn up as writers.

Another factor maybe was Continue reading “Women in Comics” »

Feb 24 2010


[simage=57,288,c,left,right] On the left is from February 21′s Comic Convention for a Cause; Renaissance. That’s us with Actor Comedian Michael V, who some of you may not realize is an awesome artist and once started off as a comic book penciller.  More pictures can be found here

An event put together by HobbyLink Productions and Anvil Publishing to help fellow Filipinos still struggling even long after the Calamities that struck us late last year.  It is also the official book’s namesake, that was launched on the same day, featuring a collection of artwork from Filipino creators including myself.

The book was initially envisioned by Superstars Philip Tan and Whilce Portacio, and the roster quickly grew to 60 creators each more than willing to give their time and effort to provide art for the book.  The title was chosen as an emphasis to the re-emerging passion for Filipino Komiks, and it does have some semblance for the purpose of giving new beginnings for those affected by the typhoons.  All artworks by the way will be auctioned off and the funds generated will go to the cause.   Aside from raising funds for the benefit of the Ondoy and Peping victims, the event hopes to jumpstart a foundation that would aid Filipino Creators in their time of need.

And in that spirit, the money collected from sketch requests and “internal” sales from Leinil Yu’s sketchbook were given to the late Arlan Esmeña’s family.  An amazing artist, Arlan left us last February 18 at an age too young.   I have only met Arlan twice, thrice if you include the first time he was introduced and I was absent minded to remember.

So big thanks to those who participated and supported the event, ‘ika nga nakakataba ng puso

Nov 1 2006

Planet Hulk Pin-up


Just thought I’d tone up this request from the guys who invited us to france… I Enjoyed this so I might be doing this more often

Sep 8 2006

Spider-man Movie Fan Art


I had this image idle in my hard drive for quite some time now. Originally I had planned to paint the background as well, but I needed to have it done as fast as possible as this has a chance of being printed in a French Magazine. They didn’t commission this piece though, just something I had wanted to know if I could do.Spideyswing

It originally started of as a speed paint during one of those periods that i was conceptualizing scenes for Planet Hulk. Way back, it has always been a frustration to come up with a pose for Spider-man as quickly as possible. He has always been the most dynamic character in comics (IMO). So testing myself, I came up with this pose. I imagined him breaking inertia while in mid-swing…

The decision to paint him with the movie costume was much later. And that took quite some time as I was dreading the detail of his costume. Fortunately I found an efficient enough method to make the process well… efficient. But still not efficient enough as you can see; I still had to use a picture for the background.

It was only necessary that I grab a font that is very similar to the movie font :D

All in all it was really fun to draw. And I do hope you like it as well

Aug 25 2006

Zuma vs Galema

ZumavsGalemaAnother piece inspired by the Philippines glorious komiks past. Zuma is a character created by jim Fernandez in the late 70′s, and was translated into film by the early to mid 80s (it’s apparent I cant remember the exact year hehe). Although you can get more information about him here

His archnemesis (I guess) is his own daughter, Galema. And She also had snakes around her neck which carry venom deadly even to her own father. Her father’s snakes are more like constrictors btw, and if memory serves they actually don’t have venom.

I hold Zuma as one of Philippines most interesting supervillains, having a 2 headed snake atop his shoulders is to me a very original concept as I haven’t seen any other character like him. It would be great to have this character revived along with the sleeping local comics industry.

I am one of the unfortunate individuals who were born when komiks had started to dwindle.