Sep 30 2010

The Fun Filled Weekend

It was fortunate that the cover job was spaced just right for me to go ahead with the gangs 3 month long plan, Cebu Comic Con.  And i had finished it in time to see Selene Gallios personified

Cosplay Shoot

I had a week long trip out of town, beginning with another visit to Jay Tablante‘s cosplay shoot.  Just so you know, Jay is on a roll because of a planned exhibit next year, so there are more shoots on his calendar.  This week it was the Black Queen, A Marvel Comics villain who has the power to drain one’s life force, and she was played by the equally enchanting Diana Menezes, a Brazilian model and host of the popular noontime showl Eat Bulaga
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Apr 11 2010

Renaissance ART AUCTION

The Artworks of the Following Artists are now up for auction

Auction Page

1st Batch – April 10 -19

Heubert Khan Michael
Philip Tan / Whilce Portacio
Carlo Pagulayan
Stephen Segovia
Jason Paz
Lan Medina
Edwin David
Rico Rival
Clem Rivera
Ernie Patricio
Ernest Jocson
Ruben Nacion
Dennis Crisostomo
Randy Valiente

Help spread the word!

September 23, 2009, Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) brought its trail of destruction.

Over 6 Billion Pesos ($143M USD) in agricultural damages, 4 Billion Pesos ($93M USD) in infrastructure. Lives and jobs were lost, homes devastated. And until now, the aftermath can still be felt in the country. Four days later, Typhoon Parma (Pepeng), another super typhoon, struck the Philippines. Leaving in its wake damages leading up to Php19 Million ($417 USD). Php 29 Billion ($613 Million USD) in lives and properties claimed by the two typhoons in just the span of a week.

On February 21, 2010, 60 top Filipino artists in the fields of Comics, Animation and Graphic Design from around the world launched the art book RENAISSANCE: ANG MULING PAGSILANG. The publication aims to raise a significant amount of money to help the cities and families recover from the disaster. Exclusive original art from the book will be auctioned, with proceeds going to the Red Cross. We hope to invite you all to participate in this charity auction to continue rehabilitating properties and lives. Details on how to help are below.

To see the rest of the auction schedule, please go HERE

If you care, bid big :)

Feb 26 2010

Renaissance at Brewrats

[simage=224,320,n,right,left] Went out of town along with other Renaissance Artists for an interview on the radio show Brewrats of UFM 92.3.  It was fun meeting the trio most of us got to know as the crew of Strangebrew, a tv show that once aired in UNTV.

Tado, Angel Rivero, and Ramon Bautista had carried over their weird yet amusing humor, and the interview was generally fun.  The Picture on the left (left -right) is Max-c Cubacub, Ruben Nacion, host Angel Rivero, Heubert Khan Michael, and host Ramon Bautista.

More pictures can be seen at my Multiply page… and hehe you’ll see we never wasted the chance to get in a photo with models / DJs Sarah Meiers and Vicky Herrera; sister of Project Runway Philippines host  Teresa Herrera.  And they were undeniably striking.

I can’t really remember if the interview went well, because Tado and Ramon were always cracking us up.  And coincidentally we were the show’s last guest before they move to a new building.

Wishing you more power guys and good luck on your new home


Feb 24 2010


[simage=57,288,c,left,right] On the left is from February 21′s Comic Convention for a Cause; Renaissance. That’s us with Actor Comedian Michael V, who some of you may not realize is an awesome artist and once started off as a comic book penciller.  More pictures can be found here

An event put together by HobbyLink Productions and Anvil Publishing to help fellow Filipinos still struggling even long after the Calamities that struck us late last year.  It is also the official book’s namesake, that was launched on the same day, featuring a collection of artwork from Filipino creators including myself.

The book was initially envisioned by Superstars Philip Tan and Whilce Portacio, and the roster quickly grew to 60 creators each more than willing to give their time and effort to provide art for the book.  The title was chosen as an emphasis to the re-emerging passion for Filipino Komiks, and it does have some semblance for the purpose of giving new beginnings for those affected by the typhoons.  All artworks by the way will be auctioned off and the funds generated will go to the cause.   Aside from raising funds for the benefit of the Ondoy and Peping victims, the event hopes to jumpstart a foundation that would aid Filipino Creators in their time of need.

And in that spirit, the money collected from sketch requests and “internal” sales from Leinil Yu’s sketchbook were given to the late Arlan Esmeña’s family.  An amazing artist, Arlan left us last February 18 at an age too young.   I have only met Arlan twice, thrice if you include the first time he was introduced and I was absent minded to remember.

So big thanks to those who participated and supported the event, ‘ika nga nakakataba ng puso

Jan 11 2007

A Year Ago with Captain Barbell


A year ago I signed up anonymously at the GMA boards. I decided to go by the name tangangbarbel. Anonymously because i don’t want to be branded with “porke’t ganito, akala mo na kung sinong magaling”. I’ve seen those remarks too often against those that gave criticisms locally… and besides everybody else was anonymous.

The conversations on that board were really heated but at some point hilarious… Dun galing yung mga Captain Barbell quotables post ko. The thread was long ago deleted but I managed to save a few of those pages.

Here is one of my conversations, that I think sums what I had wanted to convince them with. i change the name of the other poster, pero kung kasama kayo sa usapan na yun dati, malamang kilala niyo na rin sya. there was an artist there who posted a digi painting of Superman holding a battered CB by the neck with the words “you’re nothing but a second CAT trying RATE CopyHARD” :rofl:

anyway, here’s to the last day of CB hehehhe:

hmmm sounds u know abt graphics etc…can u share something instead of judging their works.

Oooooh, No way. and besides do I really need to show My works to prove that I have an eye for detail and to know that perfection takes time? How about I’m comparing the whole production turnaround to Production from the states?

U did’nt get my point…u r comparing ur knowledge abt it without realizing a lot of factors like…technology, budget, experienced etc. If u can’t accept the fact that we are behind the technology world and we still trying to prove something then I guess u really don’t understand. Philippines po ito hindi States and that’s the difference.

2nd, Hire the right people!, what is Zapata still doing there??? he has already ruined Darna, and now Barbell? Galit ba sya ka Mars Ravelo?

I guess if he indeed ruined Darna executives from gma do u think will still trust him? C’mon business ang teledrama kung tanga ang executives kukunin nila ang director or staff na nagpalubog sa show para walang advertisement (bcoz of the ratings) then walang pera…pero common sense naman kung alam mo ang patakaran ng business hindi ka gagawa ng isang bagay na ikalulugi mo…Ang tanong…bakit madaming advertisement ang Darna…kasi nga po nag ra-rate..maraming viewers..maraming may gusto..period!

ruined what?? hehehe I guess ur not aware of the ratings pity of you.

Ruined Darna… the whole concept… yung ibang characters ginaya pa sa X-men movies. the only thing(s) that let it stay on air could be mamaries. Sorry couldn’t help it. But seriously It was not a good show. Special Effects wise and story. And Crap who cares about the ratings kung ganito rin lang… nakakatanga ng palabas ang nagbibigay ng ratings sa mga fanasy na palabas ng GMA or ABS.

now u make sense at last u included abs….again, walang perfect ang labanan lang dito ay kung sino at ano ang tatangkilikin ng viewers it’s just happened to be shows from gma. Pilipinas po ito ni re-remind ko lang hehehe
(honestly I couldn’t remember what my idea was in my last statement. I can’t even understand what I wrote there, but she says that I made sense… go figure. I think I was trying to point that if people praise you too much, you end up a spoiled brat)

I guess YOU didn’t get my point, I wasn’t talking about technology, I was talking about TURNAROUND; that’s only one factor I mentioned. So far with technology WE FILIPINOS CAN, we already have all CG apps we need. I was POINTING OUT that perfection takes time. FX shows in the states have a production turnaround of more than a week per episode, and seasons only last half a year each in total; roughly 26 episodes a year.

Have you seen local commercials lately? They have Special FX a lot better than Philippine Fantaseryes. Why?, because they sure didn’t make those effects in one day. There are 3d or Composite Artists that are Filipinos and have been even hired by ILM and their partner PIXAR. I am sure GMA has maybe equivalent talents, but they can’t do their full potential with a one day Turnaround. Same with writers, do you think they’ll come up with something very original with a one week sched and not copy Smallville? You have so much faith with your beloved station so I figure you’ll answer “yes”.

Did you know that Sega has a partner company here who does 3d graphics for games? And we all know how good graphics quality and standards have increased. Hell processing power has exponentially increased. So technology is no longer a factor, unless your doing a movie equivalent of LOTR. Do you see my point?

Budget? GMA made a press release they could shell out $50,000 for a costume. Nearly as much as the current superman costume and the spiderman costume and take note; that price tag is FOR A MOVIE! << superman discussion>>

Question: How much does a suit like this cost?

Bronson: Well, we don’t really have the exact figure, but every time the stunt department wants to cut into one, I say it’s like putting a Carrera right off of a cliff.

Question: The Spider-Man suits cost like $50,000 or $80,000 each

Bronson: Oh yeah, we’re there.

If GMA could spend that much, how could budget be a factor in local production quality? That’s why I left that out because, granting without accepting, GMA said they spent that much for the costume

Dominic Zapata helming the project could be because GMA is still honoring a contract they all signed. Or maybe what the others here have speculated, albeit negatively, are true. You’re right who knows. But the Fact remains, he plagiarized a show… some of your Kapuso brethren are even in agreement.

I am not saying any of this because I hate GMA and taking sides. I am saying we could do SO MUCH better and, to boot, not loosing respect for the original material. I am saying that GMA, if not Zapata and writers, is risking a Legal Battle with the Largest Media Conglomerate in the world; TIME WARNER. I am saying I have faith with us Filipinos, And yes I am a Filipino, Pinoy na pinoy po and that’s why I’m so concerned about quality para matanggal na ang tag sa atin na manggagaya. Tuamatangkilik ako ng sariling atin na alam ko orihinal at walang pinanggayahan. at nakatayo sa paniniwalang Hindi pwede ang “pwede na yan mentality”

and quoting “another critic in the boards”:
Does it make you Proud to be Filipino now that the Writer of Captain barbell has once again proven what the world already knows-

That you guys locally are the World’s Greatest Imitators and Pirates.

I’ll be waiting for that lawsuit..if that will happen I will bow down to you but if not I guess learn to accept failures and learn to love ur own…

So you admit the show’s a failure then. Point taken.

Aug 25 2006

Zuma vs Galema

ZumavsGalemaAnother piece inspired by the Philippines glorious komiks past. Zuma is a character created by jim Fernandez in the late 70′s, and was translated into film by the early to mid 80s (it’s apparent I cant remember the exact year hehe). Although you can get more information about him here

His archnemesis (I guess) is his own daughter, Galema. And She also had snakes around her neck which carry venom deadly even to her own father. Her father’s snakes are more like constrictors btw, and if memory serves they actually don’t have venom.

I hold Zuma as one of Philippines most interesting supervillains, having a 2 headed snake atop his shoulders is to me a very original concept as I haven’t seen any other character like him. It would be great to have this character revived along with the sleeping local comics industry.

I am one of the unfortunate individuals who were born when komiks had started to dwindle.

Aug 21 2006

Classic Komiks Characters

Recently I’ve been itching to draw classic characters from Philippine Komiks. I felt saturated by all those characters I’ve drawn from other countries. And seeing other artworks from, however beautiful they are, It felt incomplete not seeing enough local characters…

I’ve also been rating about how bad our old characters have been adapted in other media, and here I am rarely drawing them at all.

So here… drew them when I was resting.

AngPanday Zuma-and-Galema

On the left is Flavio, ang Panday (the Blacksmith) and his friends, Tata Temyong and the boy Utoy. Panday was created by Carlo J. Caparas and Steve Gan in the 70s, which gained even more popularity after it was translated into film and played by the late Fernando Poe Jr.

On the right is father and daughter, Zuma and Galema, archenemies. Zuma, created by Jim Fernandez was the son of an Aztec Snake God who waged war against mankind.

Anyway, I hope you like em, need to get back to work now.