Feb 8 2011

For Collectors and Afficionados

For those who have been interested in purchasing my artwork, or commissions may I direct you to Kirk Dilbeck for any inquiries.  For those unaware I am no longer under the representation of Glass House Graphics since 2009 — as do Harvey Tolibao, Jason Paz, Stephen Segovia, and Jeffrey Huet.  And just last year, Me, Stephen and Jason have signed with 3-Wishes, who also reps the Great Philip Tan — capital “G” and the Phenomenal Jay Anacleto — Capital “G” too for godlike.

Although I have to advise I haven’t yet started with commissions, but will be in contact with Kirk if and when.

Let me leave you for now with the Pencils for cover 615 of Hulk


Sep 8 2010

Planet Hulk by Bowen Designs

So here we have it, my digital sculpt in the real world. and I am quite happy about it.  It’s just the proto paint so actual production is still a long way off,

photo was taken by Dan Cope, you can see the turn-around and other pics at www.statuemarvels.com.

Rock on!

Jul 20 2006

Artwork for Sale

We’ve decided to sell pages we’ve done, mostly they’re from my run in Marvel Adventures Fantastic Four. Also up for sale are most of the pages from the first issue of Planet Hulk. Please note that the first seven pages are not the same as the pages that appeared in the book, since some had to be changed after the pages have been inked, and colored. I’ve put up a list of those that are to be sold. Please contact David Campiti ( davecampit[at]aol.com )for price details but please be reminded that I need you to cc me ( c.pagulayan[at]gmail.com ) if and when you purchase a page, so that I may update the list for the benefit of those who are also looking to buy a page. Since I or David may not be able to answer the availability of a page. This would also make my life easier in terms of inventory management. You may also directly inquire by posting a comment in this page.

As much as I would have the pages linked to their respective images, I couldn’t, since I didn’t have time to rescan some of them and upload. For the meantime please refer to the books mentioned in the list to see which page is which.

These pages for a time will also be sold at conventions in the states, hopefully this gets in time for the Wizard World Con coming up this week. And some of them may find their way into eBay, to which I will try to keep you posted.

Again thanks for appreciating my works. You may browse the list by clicking here or clicking the “sales” button at the right.