Feb 18 2013

From Hibernation

Just to show that I still plan on updating this.  After all, I didn’t get to part 2 of the New Zealand trip (which I will). 

We’re heading off to Emerald City Comicon this coming March 1; me, Stephen Segovia, and Jay Anacleto together with our rep Kirk Dilbeck.  So if you’re in the area, drop by our table (Which I think is going to be M11 and 12).   The site’s not updated so we’re not on the site’s Artist Alley list.

After which I’m going to get back to updating this site. 


Something I did last week.


May 7 2012

New Zealand Trip part 1

Travelling is always a welcome opportunity and is always great that it’s usually tied to convention invites. 

Almost 2 years ago in Komikon 2010 I was asked if I’d be persuaded to work as an artist abroad, I answered I wouldn’t since I still love working from home.  However I said I could make an exception if an offer came from Weta Workshop, the company behind the practical and special effects for the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, King Kong, Avatar and other blockbusters.    New Zealand seemed like a serene place to work in and working at Weta would be a daily inspiration, as I am obviously a fan of their work and processes

A year later, Marvel had offered to give me a variant cover assignment for their then upcoming Avenger’s X-Sanction.  It was going to feature another of their marketing devices that would benefit comic book shops; Store logo placement on the actual cover.  I never really imagined that that little job could be more than a cover job.


A couple of months later Arune Singh, Marvel’s Director for Communications, Publishing and Digital Media, dropped me an email that a retailer in New Zealand was interested in bringing me over, in time to watch the Avengers movie.  I said yes easily the moment I read New Zealand… but couldn’t think of a definite reason for inviting me.  And then I thought it could be mainly about the movie or some promotional tandem for the comics and movie… and was thinking why not the other guys.  I was suddenly nervous that the movie was going to be crap  as Marvel was willing to shove creators to help in the promotions!  No matter— New Zealand! >gulp<

I was assuming ridiculously. A few days later Stu Colson emailed me about his  and his shop Heroes for Sale’s participation with the X-sanction promo covers. He laid out his interest in bringing me over.  And again saying yes was the easiest thing for  me to type.  And over the months had finally ironed out how the trip was going to be.  The Avengers  movie was still on the list (yay, few hours earlier than the Philippines!) and I’ll also be attending the Armageddon Expo on their Wellington show as a guest of Heroes for Sale.

And so I was set for the April trip!…  and that would be the next part of the story. Hopefully I can tell it as soon as possible. 

Apr 2 2012

Poison Ivy Print

This lady took me a while to finish, coloring wise… because of those damned leaves!  I had inched toward it’s final touch ups just last month after coloring a portion a week… I had to work after all and had to focus on more important concerns.  But I’m pretty happy with the result —  always wanted to draw Poison Ivy at her sexiest.

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Dec 23 2010

Singapore and STGCC

A short video of our trip to Singapore, covering the first night, having our first dinner with the great David Lloyd, and going into the 2010 Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention.

Apologies for the choice of music…

Here on the other hand was the East in West Panel, with Leinil Yu talking about influences.  The music didn’t help much… actually made me expect Leinil to start crying

Pictures of the convention are up on my Facebook

Feb 24 2010


[simage=57,288,c,left,right] On the left is from February 21′s Comic Convention for a Cause; Renaissance. That’s us with Actor Comedian Michael V, who some of you may not realize is an awesome artist and once started off as a comic book penciller.  More pictures can be found here

An event put together by HobbyLink Productions and Anvil Publishing to help fellow Filipinos still struggling even long after the Calamities that struck us late last year.  It is also the official book’s namesake, that was launched on the same day, featuring a collection of artwork from Filipino creators including myself.

The book was initially envisioned by Superstars Philip Tan and Whilce Portacio, and the roster quickly grew to 60 creators each more than willing to give their time and effort to provide art for the book.  The title was chosen as an emphasis to the re-emerging passion for Filipino Komiks, and it does have some semblance for the purpose of giving new beginnings for those affected by the typhoons.  All artworks by the way will be auctioned off and the funds generated will go to the cause.   Aside from raising funds for the benefit of the Ondoy and Peping victims, the event hopes to jumpstart a foundation that would aid Filipino Creators in their time of need.

And in that spirit, the money collected from sketch requests and “internal” sales from Leinil Yu’s sketchbook were given to the late Arlan Esmeña’s family.  An amazing artist, Arlan left us last February 18 at an age too young.   I have only met Arlan twice, thrice if you include the first time he was introduced and I was absent minded to remember.

So big thanks to those who participated and supported the event, ‘ika nga nakakataba ng puso

Nov 16 2006

Trip to France

Took me long enough to write about my trip to France. Straight to the point I miss France, and I barely had the time to really go around. The convention was fun and everybody was so nice and courteous. I never imagined people to be so welcoming, I mean each time we entered a restaurant, patrons and customers and complete strangers greeted us. Every eye contact was met with “Bonjour”. And I thought the Philippines was the most hospitable country. In fact, while walking the streets of Valenciennes, I was allowed by motorists to cross the street more often in a week compared to my lifetime in the Philippines…. even if I had allowed them to pass first.

Anyway, I spent most of the week meeting new people, In which I can’t remember the names of half of them, with their beautiful and artsy names. What surprised me was when someone asked me to sketch Darna! He even mentioned other superheroes from the Philippines. I thought that was really great!IMG_5262

I hanged out with Leinil Yu and Anna, Mark Brooks and Lisa, and for 2 days with Jimmy Cheung and Cristine who had to leave immediately to get back to work. Leinil and Mark always provided the fun topics, but what lingered were the stabbing stories and Leinil and his midget “fetishes”. If ever they visit the Philippines it may be to verify the “My Way” urban legend… Come to think of it that would be a very good investigation for the Mythbusters hehehe…

I also met with my aunt and her family, who came all the way from Germany (it was just 2 hours away by car) and we made a short trip to Belgium. I barely got decent shots in because my hands were shaking once I pulled them out of my pockets; I was not used to temperature that low.

Leinil Yu, Me, Anna, and Lisa Kwon Brooks " rel="lightbox[post]" href="http://static.flickr.com/113/293675909_e7a58daa99.jpg">IMG_5302 We also visited Album, France’s Largest Comic book shop in Paris and Met the owner Olivier Jalabert. A really stand up kind of guy… I owe this person a lot…. During the signing in album Olivier Coipel popped in… immediately making me regret leaving behind my Eternals variant cover. We had earlier known that he won’t be able to come to the convention but it never occurred to us that he’d be in Paris. Oh well.

For the whole 6 days I had been enjoying an amalgam of French and American food, and by the third day I was beginning to miss rice… fortunately we had lunch at a Chinese restaurant on my last day, and for the first time in days, I finished my plate.

I wish I had more time though, but duty calls.

I vow that I will return to France.

Here are some of the pictures I took

Here is a QTVR I made with pictures I took in Versailles… It’s not perfect yet though

Jun 23 2006

ToyCon Pictures Day 1

As promised I have uploaded the pictures as taken mostly by Harvey Tolibao and M. Jason Paz. The small batch with the dates are mine… I wanted to bring my camera, but I got lazy. However I had to reduce the quality a bit since it is 167 shots ( that’s just for day 1) and I needed to conserve space, and also to try and keep it bandwidth friendly… . The guys have been busy. Although you can just scroll and click through the pics you just want to see. So head on to the gallery or click here

I was supposed to go to the studio in Cubao to get the day 2 pictures. But Jeffrey Huet and I lost track of time during our stay at Druids Keep last Wednesday. We were there for Gerry Alanguilan’s Elmer Signing. Such a good book and quite appropriate for last sundays Toycon (Father’s Day). We’ll all be watching out for book 2!

Elmer Private Druids Keep signingDSC00221.JPGDSC00219.JPG

So still not on the gallery are the stage pictures which Ludwig kept track of. So hopefully I could find time to drop by at the studio.

I’ve also fixed the layout a bit but it still needs some tweaks. But visually, the first page (journal) now looks good… unless you’re viewing it with Internet Explorer… issues with image bordering. grrrr

Jun 19 2006

ToyCon 2006

In between the scheds I decided to spend 2 days on the recently concluded Philippine Toys, Hobbies, and Collectibles Convention 2006 at Megamall. Even with a much larger space compared to last year’s ToyCon, it still was difficult to move around. I brought along some pages to finish hoping there’d be a good place to draw. but I was wrong I still have a throbbing headache since we couldn’t stop moving around, checking out booths and eherm… boothbabes and cosplayers. Harvey Tolibao and Jason Paz were just too happy to snap pictures of the whole event. Met new people including girls who make you feel too much at home and a girl who shows her warmth through violent ways.

I and the gang also got to meet the event’s special guest, Art Asylum founder Digger Mesch. We were introduced through the Tom Welling/Superman I did a couple of years ago. Although we should’ve asked for an email address. The Organizers also gave local celebrity Dingdong Dantes the print out, in which they asked me to sign. Never knew I’d be giving an autograph to a local heartthrob. Now… If only we all had his girls chasing us.

SO I went to the con to look for collectibles, unfortunately for me I couldn’t find anything to buy, or anything that interests me. In the end I settled for one 2nd hand devilman statuette. And then, lo and behold, after I’ve bought other non-toy things and depleted my financial resources I saw the action figure I failed to buy years ago… damn

Also In attendance at the con was Gerry Alanguilan, who was occupied with selling his newest indie book Elmer, an unlikely chicken story. I’m looking forward to reading it after I get my copy from Druid’s Keep, a local comic book shop in Magallanes. Also had the chance to talk to Ultimate Hulk vs Wolverine superstar Leinil Yu, and about his work. Unfortunately for the readers here, I won’t disclose any of it. hehe. Wilson Tortosa was also there very busily appearing from all over, snapping pictures and everything.

All in all it was fun. I’m still collecting all photos from the event… and within a weeks time I’ll be posting pictures as caught by Harvey, Jason, myself, and Ludwig Sacramento.

Back to the drawing board