Mar 30 2011

Eye of Sauron Kinect

I’m a huge fan of Lord of the Rings movies, so I just had to post this.  It’s a kinect project simulating Sauron looking through a Palantir; if you remember the scene where Merry holds it in Edoras.  Unfortunately it’s not for sale, although they could build one for you for a fee (so they say).   Should be cooler if the eye and flames were animated.

Still my favorite memorabilia for the trilogy is this; Sauron’s severed finger still wearing the Ring… and yes the Ring glows.  Sucks I can’t buy it though.

Mar 15 2010

Hot Toys War Machine


It’s so good looking my pocket’s already hurting.

Damn you Hot Toys!

Mar 2 2010

Avatar Battle Helicopter in LEGO

Toy geeks salivate…

This looks so cool and the only thing missing is the actual ability to fly.  The engineering in this build makes it a feasible start for a remote control toy.  Shoot, I may be willing to burn a hole in my pocket if that comes to reality